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Updating on the road....

I dunno when I'll get the chance to post this but here I am, on a train, somewhere in between Richmond and Martinez. It's been a day.

Anyway, I should first introduce you. The computer that this is being typed on, on that train somewhere in between Richmond and Martinez, is Macavity. For those of you who don't know, I name my computers after the poems of Thomas Stearns Eliot. My first computer was wasteland, my current desktop machine is Prufrock...and my new laptop is Macavity. :)

She's not the computer I offered for your perusal a week or so ago, but she's still my baby. She's an IBM Thinkpad. 1.6 Ghz P4 processor, 256 megs of ram (and very easily upgradeable to 512, which I think I'm going to do), 40 Gig HD, built in modem, built in ethernet, built in wireless (I still had to spend the extra money on a wireless card, though, because that's what is required in the school of information), dual dvd/cdr drive, 2 USB ports, all the standard ports on a computer (serial, parallel, video output), two PCI slots...she's a beaut. And for buying her at my school, I got a free USB microdrive, which has already come in handy for homework information I fished off the SIMS computers.

Anyway...I goofed up a lot of things today. Schedule times, store opening times...I had to go down to the campus computer store with the cashier's check I acquired yesterday, and I thought they opened at eight. So I wandered down at eight thirty, only to find that they didn't open until ten. So I ate breakfast this morning at McDonalds and killed an hour and a half sitting in a booth waiting and reading the papers.

And then she was mine. Worth every penny I paid for her. It's kinda liberating, having a laptop, especially one as well done as IBM's tend to be. Plus the salesclerk impressed the utter hell out of me by picking up the display T30 by the screen and *shaking* it. Computer kept on running, didn't skip a beat. He didn't even try this with the display Dells, so...I need a rugged machine to deal with the bangs I tend to give things. (Being a klutz sucks.)

I'm watching a grandfather teach his grandson how to play Dungeons and Dragons on the train. That's pretty cool. Anyway, back to my story.

I come home for a bit, install some software on Macavity and generally have a good ol' time. I also email SIMS with my information, so that Tuesday, I might be able to at least use the ethernet jacks in the classroom. Then I looked up and realized it was two thirty, and I was supposed to have something done at three thirty.

Turns out it was due at three, though. Whoops.

Saved a bunch of stuff to my USB keydrive for this weekend, and wandered up to where Luns resides. There, I installed a ton of stuff onto my computer that needed a net connection, and looked up and saw it was 5:20. Whoops.

Needed to be in Richmond by 5:57 to catch a train. So I ran down to bart, and pulled out the schedule, only to find the train left at 5:52. Whoops. So I had to wait for the 7:07 train, which ended up being an hour late, but that's okay. Got on the train, got here, and now I'm lying on Jill's floor typing on Macavity and telling you all this.

Anyway, that was my day. How was yours?

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