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Seeing Things Differently

Been poking around some online movie reviews. To a man, they say pretty much that the coda (the last thirty minutes, for those following this debate) could have been a bit more darker, a bit more ambivalent, and that Spielberg, like Mal said, went to schmaltz instead of playing with the themes.

Maybe I think too much, but to me, coming out of the theater, that was my complete opinion of what happened. That it wasn't schmaltzy, it dealt with themes that were connected in the earlier parts of the movie...and that there was a great hint of something bigger that David could not have understood, could not have been privy to...and it was being able to understand this that gave those last thirty minutes.

I am now trying to understand how I was able to see this, and nobody else did, and I'm about to chalk it up to one too many film classes. Indeed, I took a class on this very subject in Berkeley last summer, and AI would have fit wonderfully into the movies we watched. And maybe I was able to see what somebody was trying to get at despite the schmaltz. I did have to analyze Terminator 2. %)

And then again, maybe I'm full of it. It wouldn't be the first time.


Not sure where I stand at the moment on a lot of things. I've had a lot of crap shoved down my pipe in the last few days, and I'm starting to snap at little stupid things. It's been one hell of a rollercoaster ride since May 9th. Between bad things happening to my family, bad things happening to my haunts, trying to deal with a goodbye and then trying to deal with the fact that it isn't a goodbye anymore, bandwagonners, people that can't seem to take in account that other people exist and have feelings...well...I'm starting to wonder if anything is sacred anymore. Even on the night of my greatest triumph this year, somebody had to grab the spotlight. And maybe I'm just upset 'cause I wanna be a spotlight hog, but it annoyed me. And some of these are relatively trivial, but they're just piled up. So once, for the record:

I am a human being. I have thoughts and feelings and desires, just like you probably do. I don't know what you're thinking or feeling or any of that, because, unfortunately, I'm not psychic. But what I can do is try my absolute best to regard those thoughts and feelings and treat them with the same dignity I would treat my own. Sometimes I'm not perfect about it, but I have my good days and my bad days. I am neither sinner or saint, I am a mixture of both, and some days I am more one than the other. All I ask is that you try to understand me for me, and give me some of the same respect. That's all.

*sigh* Five bucks says this will get misconstrued, everything I say does.

Nothing is sacred anymore. And I'm just tired of it.


ObBandwagoneers: The mp3 I'm listening to at the moment can be found at It's got a nice beat, and it fits this tone of this LJ. IOW, don't take this personal.


one of these days I'm gonna have to write an LJ disclaimer, especially when RL folk find this place.


Stuck in a dank wasteland that is my head, hoping to find some glimmer to start writing things again. Goddamn, writer's block and depression together just suck! :P And I'd better put this up, my mom guilttripped me into being supportive of my kid sis and going to the cancer support group. Which means I have to be up at godawful +1. Ergh. So I'd better put this up and sleep.

G'night LJ world.

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