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Oh yeah...another thing from last night's bonfire rally.

I had "C" duty.

up with the blue and gold...

I think this is one of the happier pics I have of me. :)

So, now I get dressed, and then I'm off to the Big Game. Cal vs. Stanford. The greatest rivalry in college football. But then again, I'm biased. This is our best chance in years to take back the Axe, but I don't completely know if it's going to happen. The last time the odds were this good, it was 1998. Cal was 5-5 coming into Big Game (this year we're 6-5) and Stanfurd was 1-9 (this year they're 2-8), and it was my birthday and we were going to win and actually get to go to a bowl...

final score, California 3, Stanfurd 10.

Ow. I cried.

Anyway, hopefully it'll work out better this year. Go Bears, get the Axe back!
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