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holy freaking...

About a week, maybe two, I was reading the SF Chronicle. I came across an article about the murder of a cop in Red Bluff, which shocked me for a bit. Red Bluff is a small town about twenty miles south of Redding, and their high school's football team was in our league, and was one of our biggest rivals for the league title every year. Anyway, the short of it was that somebody had snuck up and killed said cop while the cop was filling his car with gas. (I can't find a copy of the story right now, but needless to say, that's the gist of it...)

And then the whole mess took a turn for the bizarre.

I...don't know what to make of this. If that really was his goal, why the hell Red freaking Bluff? I mean, geez, Red Bluff is about as much a home to international capitalism as San Francisco is a home to the Republican Party.

Idiots, all.

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