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Baseball dreaming...

I don't know what to think about this one. I was manager of a baseball team. But it wasn't *my* team. (And those of you who know me know that I'm a die hard SF Giants fan.) Anyway, the team I was in charge of was the New York Mets. I'm guessing they picked me out of baseball's fandom, because that's the only way I figure a baseball franchise would find out about me. And we were playing opening day at Pac Bell Park (home of the Giants...). I was the first woman major league manager, though. I think I was hired because the Mets wanted to make a statement

It's funny, because before I knew anything about baseball, I'd read in a book that the Mets were cool to root for. And I'd had enough knowledge to know that there were two New York teams. So when my grandfather told me he was taking me to a Giants game, I immediately asked whom. He said that the tickets were on the table on the patio. So I went to look, and it said "San Francisco vs. New York (National)"

Yup, you guessed it, the Mets are the National League team in New York. (The Yankees are the American.) But the Giants won that game, way back in 1988, and I was hooked on the hometown boys ever since.

It's funny that I'd be the manager, too. Out on the street, I put together a fictional baseball lineup, first for my beloved Giants, and then when I realized that might not be a good idea, it morphed into the Sacramento Gold Miners, which was either a new baseball team, or one in a different (new!) league. And the starting lineup for that squad looked like this:

1  SS  Chris Cianaro
2  2B  Christopher Moore
3  CF  Chris Larson
4  1B  Kat Templeton
5  LF  Ivan Karnoff
6  3B  Scott Leuis
7  C   Von Kayes
8  RF  Takuro "Yoshi" Yoshimura
9  P   J.R. Torkien

Lesse. Yeah, I'd heard of Tolkien by fourth or fifth grade, as a mangled version of his name became my primary starting pitcher (my other pitchers were Mika Moore, Tim Grieves, Jeff Copenhagen, and Tom Graves.) I obviously played first as well as managing and owning the team. My best friend at the time worked his way into the starting lineup (he's "Chris Larson" in the above). Von Kayes was an imaginary character from one of my other fictions who made his way over into this one.

I'd take this lineup and be forever playing ball in the street by myself, toeing the pitching rubber (actually a label on the sewer manhole in front of my house) and throwing pop flies in the air so I could catch them, as I'd weave a story about my invincible team, and their amazing first baseman. (which for those of you who didn't look under the cut, is me. I managed and owned my imaginary franchise too.)

This turned into more of an entry about my love for America's game, than it did about my odd dream. ;) I wonder what the imaginary baseball team says about where my head was as a kid.

But yeah, another one in the metaphor of odd sports dreams.

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