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we are dominate!

News has just come in. Cal has managed to win its 11th rugby championship in a row, and its 18th since collegiate national championship rugby titles have been granted (dating to 1980). They DOMINATED Penn State by a whopping score of 86-11.

The song to pick for this is not "We are the Champions" but rather a lesser known song called "Ode to Stanfurd Rugby." If you're not familiar with Bay Area sports, you wouldn't know that Cal and Stanfurd are bitter rivals. And it's hard to be on the Cal side, because Stanfurd as of late has just been so much better than we are in most sports. But no matter what, we never quit trying to beat them, and we could always look forward to a hard-fought rugby match, one of the few sports where we had a slight advantage on Stanfurd.

Until this year.

You see...Stanfurd's coach wrote our coach a nice little letter, in which he said basically that they would be cancelling their game against Cal this year. Why? Well, it turns out that they didn't think they had a chance in hell of winning the game, and they didn't want to risk getting hurt. Besides, Cal was so much better than them.

Immediate laughter ensues from the East side of the Bay, where Berkeley is. Great joke, Stanfurd. You had us going there for a sec...what, you mean you're SERIOUS? More laughter. Stanfurd slinks away in embarrasment, but still refuses to play the game.

It's a nice break to be a Cal fan. For all the years we've attempted to match up to Furd and didn't quite make it? So what. They won. At least we showed up to play. And from now on, there will be no pride in Stanfurd victories over Cal, because all a Cal fan has to say is simply, "We showed up and played. Which is more than we can say for you guys."

There are some days when it's great to be a Cal Bear.

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