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Invoking Patrick...

I went and hung out with Luns again. We didn't do much, except for wait for an hour and a half for a bus that wasn't coming (thank you AC Transit, you suck...) and I got a strange proposition.

This guy walks up to where Luns and I were goofing off. Asks me the time. I look at my watch and tell him.

He stands there for a bit, like he's waiting for the bus. Then he turns to Luns and I again and goes, "Are you married?"

Luns and I look at each other, and both of us kinda just say, "Naw, just friends." I add, "Old friends."

He thinks for a second. Then he goes, "The reason I was asking that is because I think you're beautiful. Would you mind going out on a date with me?"

I say, "No, no, I don't think so."

He goes, "You probably think I'm a dirty old man for asking...."

And I say, "Naw, it's just I have a boyfriend."

"Oh, sorry."

And he wanders away. There are some weird fucking people in this town.

I just hate that sort of situation, because it reminds me of fscking high school...but that's a story in and of itself that I don't really want to get into, because of the pain value. Short of it, is that I came to believe that the words "I love you" were only meant to mock.

...and that's that. Just angry, though.

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