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Christmas stuff.

To everybody who is expecting a Christmas card from me:

Expect them to arrive late. I finally finished them last night, and will be mailing them today. That goes double for anybody not in the Western United States, where I might just have a prayer of getting them delivered before Christmas.

Yeah, December snuck up on me. I really can't believe that it's only a week until Christmas. Much like last year, I don't feel very festive.

Anyway, it being 5 AM, and kat should have been in bed a long time ago (but did her christmas cards, w00t), I'm heading to bed after this post.

Tomorrow, there's a lot to do. Mail these cards, mail my Secret Santa gift (yeah, I'm late there too, finals kicked my ass), mail some things up to Patrick (including a gift for his mother...gee, I must really love the guy, no?) and see if I can come up with gifts for the rest of my friends. Then go out to dinner with Luns and Jen, and maybe, after that, go see Two Towers. We'll see.

and it doesn't help that the depression beast is tormenting me by telling me how utterly late I am getting Christmas stuff done this year. Ah well, we're getting somewhere, hopefully.

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