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there are nights I hate my life...

senior pic

My senior photo. It's not a bad shot. The braces are gone and I wear glasses now.

homecoming float

Our senior homecoming float. I'm the one in the noose, wearing my cousin Amber's sweatshirt.

comment sparking the reason I'm looking at these...(all text maintained as it is. Yeah, I know, I lied on having more recent pics, but...the Amber mentioned in this exchange is my cousin Amber, the guy apperantly went to HS with her and Jowel. I'm older than Amber by a month or so.)

[02:33] kjatster: pretty old, that's my senior pic.
[02:33] ngiles12: wow.. what's changed since then?
[02:34] kjatster: but I don't have anything in regards to a newer shot.
[02:34] kjatster: no more braces, I wear glasses, and the face got a bit rounder.
[02:34] ngiles12: ok.. no offence to you... but i perfer thinner women....
[02:35] ngiles12: large peopel creap me out...
[02:35] kjatster: it's okay. I've got an SO.
[02:35] ngiles12: SO?
[02:35] ngiles12: nm
[02:35] ngiles12: i got it now
[02:35] kjatster: yeah. signifigant other. :)
[02:35] ngiles12: i just figured since amber was like crack thin.....
[02:36] kjatster: yeah, she got the good genes, man. ;)

and the conversation ends there.

So why am I vaguely upset at this conversation?
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