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dreaming again

It was graduate school at SIMS. it was 202 to be precise and we were getting the results of our finals back. The weird thing is that my classmates weren't my SIMS classmates, it was my high school classmates. And I was really ticked to see some of the not-so-bright students in my class getting perfects on that final. (And in the dream, I hadn't.) Folks like Jared and Jennifer, who, while being nice people (well, okay, Jared was, I didn't particularly like the particular Jennifer who got the perfect), still weren't all that smart.

For some reason, making a short movie had become part of the final, and they decided to show Jared's to the class. It was a good movie. But even the 100 on the final didn't get his grade in the class above a C. Ray and Marc were baffled by the time the final took, and we got lectured on stuff like spelling errors, even though we'd wanted to use our laptops.

And then the phone beeped and I returned to reality. I don't understand this dream.

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