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this twenty-ninth day of December, year two thousand and two in the Common Era...

So. Another year is leaving us, a new one coming in...and so maybe it's appropriate that we hooked up in the dying days of the worst year I can remember going through.

One upset night (around midnight Pacific time, so about four AM Atlantic), kat needed to talk to somebody, and Patrick offered to call, and the rest is, as they say, history.

So today, I celebrate the most unexpected event of the last year, and every single day of this year that he's been there, and especially the trip to see him on our six month anniversary. I wish I could see more of him, but thirty five hundred miles and both of us being poor college students just doesn't make things conductive to getting together more often.

But I love him. Happy anniversary, Patrick (who is known in many net circles as zibblsnrt. :)

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