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I am never going to survive in Canada...

Pretty much the entirety of last week, we've been having storms. The latest one rolled in today, and I went to get the mail. (Expecting a late-arrival Christmas present from zibblsnrt among other things.) It's windy. The official forcast says 25 with gusts to 37, but I know there were a few times I was trying desperately to stay on my feet and hang onto my hat and do a few other things. My handy dandy radio thermometer says it's 44 degrees out on my back porch, but it felt like freezing. I'm never going to make it in Canada.

Anyway, I have two lanyards. One, that I keep up here, is marked with my high school alma mater, and has the mailbox key on it. The second is marked with my college alma mater (and current college of attendance, the fact I'm both a student and alumna amuses me to no end) and has my apartment keys on them. My high school and my college have the same colours. Anyway, I pull the lanyard I specifically grabbed off my desk to go do the job, and blinked as I was confronted with my Berkeley apartment keys.

Then I remembered that my other lanyard was in a jacket pocket. Pulled it out, disloged four pieces of paper (two reciepts, a $20, and that piece of paper I thought I'd forgotten in Berkeley) and spent a merry few minutes trying to chase them all down (did it, though.) And then I checked the mail. No gift.


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