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Welp, I made it. Busses didn't crash, trains didn't fall off their rails, and katster made it to the south bay in one piece. I was so completely groggy from not getting much sleep the night before, though, so I immediately crashed on the family room floor and slept through Pentagon Wars. Aris swears she's gonna make me watch that so I didn't miss much.

Today we went to see Rent. That was just plain COOL. If you get a chance to see this musical and you don't take're missing out. REALLY missing out. It's very well acted, it's got amazing choreoagraphy, and it's...just a parable for our time. I was glad i went to see it.

And I got a partner on jihadsf (she calls it jbay) so hopefully some of that will get worked on soon. And never let two people with overactive imaginations and time to kill anywhere near Pac Bell Park. Muah hah hah.

Anyway, I'm off. This has been a katster update.

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