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o/~ still crazy after all these years... o/~


it's been an uneventful few days since my last report. Most of it has been spent hanging around Aris' house, watching entirely too much Red Dwarf and other movies, and reading. Yesterday we went out and saw things, while running some errands (and discovering that is severely out of date). But that's okay.

The next few days ought to be interesting. Tomorrow, I'm going to Berkeley with Aris to pick up my piece of paper so the university can wash their hands of me. We're also gonna meet my friend Luns for lunch, if I can get Luns to respond to a simple email...and we'll prolly go hit up a couple game stores.

As for Sunday, I'll prolly take a big step. Aris' mom noticed that I was working my way through a copy of A Chosen Faith and a few conversations got started, and well...looks like I may be going to church on a sunday morning for the first time, ages. I stopped going regularly when I was in's been a good seven or eight years.

Anyway, that's about all that's exciting that's happening, and will happen. I'm in a generally good mood these days, so vacation is helping. Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled life.

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