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...was a beautiful night. There was some sort of inversion layer keeping the smoke from chimneys around here at streetlamp level, and it's pretty amazing. When I step out my front door in the early evening, Orion is hanging over the neighbor's house, doing eternal battle with Taurus for the fair maiden Pleadies, and it reminds me that I feel most in contact with God at moments like that. You can have your stately Gothic cathederals, I'll take a winter night staring up at Orion.

I shouldn't be up at the moment, but I've spent most of the night attempting to get somewhere in Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and so I'm still awake. Need to set the alarm for early and move it across the room. Have a doctor's appointment, and, well, I should also pull out my charger for the Palm and charge that, and see on UCB's site when Spring Break is. And I should finish Java and finish enrolling in my classes. I am so full of slack, it's not funny.

Anyway, since 8 AM comes early, it's off to bed with me, with one more post coming before then...

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