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Buying a vidgame.

Okay. I have a thirty dollar gift certificate. I've decided to spend it at the computer games store in the mall.

I've narrowed what I want down to three possibilities: Civ3:Play The World, Myst III Deluxe Edition, and Neverwinter Nights.

Now, I need some help here. I've got pros and cons to all these in my minds.

PTW: Pro: I like Civ, this is the expansion pack for it. Con: I'm not very good at Civ, nor am I really interested in online gaming.
M3D: Pro: It's the Deluxe Edition, so it comes with the soundtrack CD and the strategy guide. Cheapest of the three. Con: I've heard Myst III really isn't that good of a game.
NWN: Pro: I've heard good things about the game from other people. Con: Not sure I like the genre, most expensive.

Help? Your thoughts are appreciated.

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