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the dread c word / my reading list

Today was interesting.

Got up this morning and went to church for the first time in oh, damn near forever. It was nice. We went into downtown San Jose, to the UU church there. Beautiful old building, it'll be 105 years old this September, they said. Survived the '06 and '89 quakes...nifty place. It was also like no church I had ever been in before. Instead of pews, they had this really comfortable bleacher style seating in a circle around the minister's pulpit.

The service was nice too. The normal minister was on vacation, so they talked about General Assembly and how fun it was to go there and be part of everything. And there were some really nice things they did that made me feel good about it, like making sure the children were part of the service (that was definitely something the Christian churches I grew up in could have used) and a very well defined sense of humor. I like that in a group. They also seemed to be relatively friendly and nice people, and ...yeah. It was fun. With any luck, the Redding church will even be half as nifty.

So that was my religious experience for the day.

Went to the great mall afterwards, bought Ship a birthday present (happy birthday, Ship, if you read this...). Ship's coming in tomorrow, so it'll be nice to see her again.

Been working my way through the stacks of books. In the last few days, I've read Toxic Sludge is Good For You on the recommendation of Cal, and a couple of the Stainless Steel Rat books off Aris' shelfs. I think I'll start with the textbook next. (It's actually Godel, Escher, Bach but it's as heavy as a textbook and about as thick. But Shad recommends it. So it should be good.

Any other book recommendations?

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