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busy days and busy nights.'s been a busy few days, I have to say that much.

Lesse, in the space of the last few days...since Tuesday, which was the last time I updated...

Wednesday: We didn't do much, we mainly slept. 'cause I think we were up forever Tuesday night. Ship went to ballet class, I went with her, and read a comic book in the lobby for the whole hour. But it's a really good comic book. I've never been one for them (with the exception of KODT and Dork Tower, which are two really awesome comics about gaming), but ... Neil Gaiman is fsckin' brilliant. And we got lots of Jolt.

Thursday: I don't really remember what we did, to be honest. Oh yes, I do. Ship and I terrorized the Americans in Civ while Aris was at dance, and then we all went out to see Shrek. Well, I've seen it before, but neither Aris, Ship, nor Aris' mom had ever seen it before. And it was routinely liked by everybody who went to see it.

Friday: We went to San Francisco. We got coffee in the Castro district, and then headed up Divisadero to the game store. The game store was liked by everybody, for the large selection of used roleplaying books, and the large collection of dice, and the really large collection of new roleplaying books. And then we decided to hike. We hiked up Divisadero to Geary. And then we hiked down Geary to downtown. That was a good two to three mile walk, in SF. It was entertaining, although at the end, I was so focused on putting one foot in front of the other and trying to ignore the complaints from my feet that I was demanding way too much of them. But we made it all the way from Divisadero, past Starr King, almost to Union Square.

And then we stopped for lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen. That was good food.

Then we went back to Mountain View, went to a couple stores there. Ship managed to spend an outrageous amount of money. Luckily, I do get that paid back. And then we went home, and collapsed. Then we turned around and went out to dinner. Japanese food.

And, for those who have been waiting for me to slip and not be perfect, I tried some saki last night. I don't think I'm going to repeat that experience. Let's just say that Aris and Ship had a whole lot of fun laughing at my facial expressions after I tasted that stuff. But I also tried shrimp tempura and chicken sukiyaki. It was very very good.

Things have been interesting around here in terms of the way people are interacting. It's not that we hate each other, which is what I feared earlier, it's that we all feel very left out. The funny thing is that all three of us feel that way. But okay, we'll deal.

Anyway, in our exhaustion, Ship and I had a long conversation last night about being happy and being harsher on oneself than we should be. And I'm beginning to wonder if my firm devotion to other people is maybe not a good thing, but a very bad thing. I don't know yet. Get back to me.

We'll see.

Oh yeah, I might be going home tomorrow. Because we don't know what's going on with kap. I'll keep you all posted.

this is katster, over and out.

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