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Happy news...

Macavity's somewhere in the east bay, winging its way back to me with a brand new left latch to replace the one that busted...

I think I'm going to drop my document engineering class, and pick up a couple of one unit classes that could be fun. (flash, oooh.) Because I still have lots of java to do, and hopefully I can be awake to do it.

I might need to go into seclusion, where I'm really not reading people's LJ's and making only my one post a day to keep my consecutive days streak going. I'd like to get it into February this time. I might drop out of sight on most of my IRC channels as well. The hardest part is not checking usenet, I've fallen deeply in love with alt.callahans, even though I don't post much.

*yawn* I need to pack my bag with goodies and get to class, so I'm going to sign off now. this has been your katster lj update.

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