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blithering hunk of no good meat that exists in my head!

The last few days I've been running at a near-mixed state. Now I know what they're like, I've dealt with them before, and I can pretty much keep the "Urgh! Hulk smash!" instinct i get in these kinds of moods under control. On the other hand, I've been feeling like I'm at the end of my rope, and well, I guess that's to be expected. And it being that time of the fscking month just compounds it. Stress is a bad reactor. I'm not sure what made me think I could do well in graduate school, because that seems to be all there is to it.

And something in this rant is setting me off, and for the life of me, I can't figure it out. I mean, I know zibblsnrt quite well, I'm aware of his views and feelings, and it's really well written. And yet it still bothers me. Granted, we have a close enough relationship that we can talk about this, and I hope he's not bothered by me posting these thoughts here. (And I wanted to share his rant, because it's got a point, and it's well written, and all that.)

I think I'm going to drop my usability class and take Document Engineering. One, Glushko's an *awesome* lecturer. Two, I don't feel like I'm getting anything out of the usability class, not that I have anything against Nancy, but I think I need the extra year of seasoning. Three, the Document Engineering course sounds like it could lead to cool possibilities for my summer. Four, the Document Engineering course is *fun*. I need a class that's more like playtime this semester, espcially as I need to finish my I in 255 *fingertwirl*.

So that's that. Now I'm less than 36 hours from San Diego, it gets harder to focus on what needs to be done...

Oh yeah. Hi to ladycalliope and shandrew. I know them both from aspc-10 (, and I like them both, even though they went to and root for a certain school on the other side of the Bay... :) Actually, I think there's more Stanford folk on my friends list than Cal folk, which is funny if you know me.

anyway, I think that's it for tonight. Tomorrow...the world.

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