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balanced precariously between the now and the infinite.

I'm not very religious.

I mean, I consider myself, if anything, a Unitarian-Universalist, coming out of a Christian background. And while I believe a lot of things Christians do, the one thing that makes me fairly unwelcome in a Christian church is that I cannot bring myself to believe in the divinity of Jesus. I have faith; I believe in God. But I'm not sure exactly what form that God takes, except that He, like my faith, is balanced precariously between the now and the infinite. And I don't think it matters whether God is a man, or a woman, or a disembodied spirit, or any of that. I use the male singular pronouns because God is not an it, and I've chosen specifically to use the male pronoun for that. I did it consciously.

Anyway, tonight, when I should have been sleeping...I discovered preachermanfeed. Amazing stuff. Just reading through the George stories, and his own personal story is enough for me to continue thinking about my path, and where I'm going on the spiritual road.

In high school, I would go to the Catholic Church with my best friend at the time, just to see what it was like. And while I don't think I could deal with the doctrines of the Catholic Church, one thing the priest said that struck me at the time. He said, "And so we proclaim the mystery of faith."

Faith is a mystery. Faith is the attempt to go beyond what you know into the realm where things are not quite provable.

And that's my faith, in a nutshell.

going to bed now.

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