the one and only truly amazing katster (katster) wrote,
the one and only truly amazing katster


slow day. didn't return to the conference, I couldn't really take much more of it, and a quiet day was probably in order. Tried to study, fell asleep on the couch reading my Dist. Sys. textbook, got Cal to figure out the wireless long enough to take Macavity out into the living room, ate a great dinner, talked with folks, and then watched Jay and Silent Bob with Cal.

as a conference trip, well, in my honest opinion the conference turned out a complete and utter dud. as an excuse to visit jrenken and have a relaxing (sorta) weekend, it turned out very well. I mean, I charmed another set of parents (this means that I've now successfully wiled Aris's, zibblsnrt's, jrenken's, and to a lesser extent, prolly whitestar2's and yushion's.) What can I say, parents like a relatively polite and articulate person. :)

so back to John Wayne and then to the Bay Area tomorrow. See you all then.
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