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more funny Tygar quotes and the LJ issue du jour

"the shell forked off your grep...don't quote me out of context..."

"And then you have Clippy over here, going 'Let me imitate flatulance to amuse you!' and over here you have the microsoft input checker going, 'Has a key been pressed yet....has a key been pressed yet...'"

Yeah, 206 lecture. Tygar is a *great* lecturer and as I said, I'm going to die this semester in this class, but I'm going to have a blast doing it.

As for this morning's hot issue on LJ, well...I like the higher limits. I'm just worried that this would be like Dalnet (and if you haven't heard what Dalnet did, you should go look it up, it's pretty funny), in which the Powers that Be are sitting there smugly going, "See what a great thing we have done" with a freshly minted bullet hole in their foot. Because part of the reason I like LJ is the communities, and posts to communities were going to count in your three a day as a post. But five and fifty should work very well in my opinion.

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