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ess aye tea you are dee aye why?

All in all, today I was pretty happy.

I think this is important to note.

I'm glad you had a happy birthday, zibblsnrt, and I'm glad I had a part in that.

Today was a good day. Luns and I went to a computer show, and I bought a 512M stick of memory, a CD-RW, a laser pointer, and a USB hub that doesn't need power. I would have gotten a drive bay that could read nearly every form of portable media, except that the guy was sold out, and I'll need to go back next month. I ate chicken and ham spaghetti and it was good. Then we wandered around Oakland Chinatown, and I did a bit of warchalking (well, without the chalk, I need to get some and keep it with Macavity) and rode home, where I got the disappointing news that Prufrock's motherboard only reads 256M of that 512. Bleh.

I shooed Luns out the door at seven and then got to spend all evening talking to zibblsnrt (I promised him a phone call where we could talk as long as we wanted, and we ended up talking from 7:45 or thereabouts to 10:15. It was a fun conversation, and I wish I could talk to him for longer, but that'll have to wait until we're able to be together again. It's strange to think of how comfortably well we fit together, and how well this relationship is going despite the obvious hardships of being on the coasts of two different oceans. And it's doubly strange to see how much I've become attracted to him in all facets, and ...I really seemed to see that his love for me is not only there, but it's probably stronger than mine. And for once, I had no doubts about whether I loved him. The doubts are an unfortunate trick the depression beast can play on me, and it's not because I don't love him, it's simply that I lose the ability to feel anything whatsoever.

No, joii, I know you threatened to kick my ass if I ever hurt him, but I think I'd have beaten myself up long before you got to me if I ever did, so you can relax and not worry about that. :)

My roommate has been blessedly absent from the apartment all weekend, which has been a great reliever of stress, I must confess. I know my roommate thinks she's the next Martha Stewart or something, but I'm always afraid she's going to change the rules in the middle of the game. It's been a nice few days without her, unfortunately, she'll prolly come back tomorrow. There are very few people I dislike, but my roommate happens to be one of them. To be honest, I'll be completely glad to move in with Luns, which is the plan for next year.

Strangely enough, I've been able to talk to Kai as of late. If you weren't aware of the situation, Kai flunked out of school and is trying to get back in. He caught me Monday afternoon and said he was desperate, so I referred him to the DSP. So he did, and I caught up with him tonight and asked him how it was going, and he let me know. He's tolerable in small dosages. I still don't want to be his roommate. I'm not sure who was worse, though, Kai or Jamila (my current roommate). (I should write more about what I know about Jamila, I really should.)

Anyway, as I said, this was a good day all around, despite the small disappointment with regards to the memory. If anybody knows a way around that, could you let me know? Or I might be willing to be talked into trading/selling the 512M stick for 256M sticks. Anyway, let me know what you think. (And I have a bad stick of 256M that I need to call the factory on, which led to me buying the 512 stick in the first place. Whee!)

That was my day. This has been a katster update.

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