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didn't sleep well last night, and when I was dreaming it seemed to be "wanting to get as close to Patrick as possible but failing miserably"

the first dream there was Luns and I, and I finally got to ride in his car (although I don't think his backseat is that spacious in real life) and we went driving. Now I was tired, so I didn't pay much attention to where he was going, except he wasn't where I was expecting him to go...and we got out of the car, and walk up to the next corner, and the sign has a familiar name for a street, but the street type was wrong. (I think it was Jayden Way or something.) I said, "This is the wrong street." and he goes "Maybe it got changed" and I said "This doesn't look right in general." So we walked a ways, and we came across a couple baseball fields, and I knew it was totally wrong, so I asked him for his map, thinking he had the transit map that was hanging over my bed, and I could find the place on that map. Nope, was a tourist map of just the Halifax side of the harbour. So I looked at him puzzled and asked whether he lived in Halifax or Dartmouth, and he gave me the greatest look of confusion. I said, "Prolly Halifax, that's where Dal is, you're a grad student" and he just looks at me oddly s'more. (Luns is from Toronto originally, and is currently a student at Berkeley here with me).

Anyway, later the dream switched to a courtyard, and there was a locked building, which some part of me said was the place where the folks in #callahans gather. And a person I don't particularly like walked up, and I had the keys to the building, so I offered to let her in and she goes, "Why are you being nice, I thought you hated me." and I kinda shrugged and was about to tell her that I did dislike her, but...and she goes, "You understand why I've been such a pill" and I kinda shrugged, and she said, "I mean about [name], who was also called [name]." and I said I didn't recall names, and she said, "I was raped!" and I got sick of it, so I tried to use my teleportation powers to end up somewhere on the ten line in Halifax and instead ended up with the person I disliked with me, and with the person she named and one of his friends there, and then the phone rang IRL and it was Luns.

And then I spent the rest of that night in that desperate "I so want to be asleep but I can hear everything going on around me even though I'm too tired to open my eyes."

and I have a test today. *sigh*

and I'm still as horribly moodcrashed as I was yesterday, and I'm up early to attempt to study for a test, but I don't know how it's going to go.

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