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Journal Entry #100

Ah...triple digits. Can hardly believe I made it here. :)

It's been a long interesting ride to #100, through a few months of ups and downs and sideways. Having a journal is, I think, a good thing. Certainly, it's helped me keep somewhat sane. Through the ups and the downs and the inbetweens, it's been an interesting ride.

Here's to a hundred more journal posts, and of course attempting to break the triple digits mark. :)

Tonight, I managed to get my gurps character done for Will. You can view the current draft yourself by taking yourself to For some reason, I'm rather proud of this character, and we'll see how well it plays. I'm kinda looking forward to playing her and see how it works out.

BTW, for making GURPS characters, I highly recommend the GURPS Character Generator. It's a good program. It keeps files in its own format, it exports to HTML and/or ASCII, and it's a really good way to put a GURPS character together. I'm prolly gonna be using it, and they'll get a well earned seventeen bucks, which is really reasonable for such a decent program.

Anyway, I think I'm about to go to bed now. G'night everybody.
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