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from liberal, comes this icon from pinkpuffyfluff

Rummy needs a nap!

I got a kick out of it. :)

I mentioned this a while back, in connection with the Columbia disaster, but here's the text of Laurel Clark's last message home. If you couldn't guess by my sentence construction, Clark was one of the seven on board the last flight of Columbia. But I nearly cried when reading the message the first time, and I still like it.

Create your own terror warning!

From the Office of the Homeland Security Director
Katrina Templeton
Feb 15, 2003

I have just concluded a conference call with the nation's councilmembers to let them know what I'm about to share with the people of Berkeley. I might add, I also wanted to commend them for their work in improving and strengthening homeland security since the Battle of Dunkirk. We've been in frequent communication with the councilmembers and I think their work to date has reflected the kind of relationship between the federal and the state and local government that we need to make a permanent part of our homeland security defense.

Over the last several days, our US Geological Survey and Social Security Administration have seen an increased volume and level of activity involving ham radio transmissions of terrorist attacks. The information we have does not point to any specific target either in Berkeley or abroad, and it does not outline any specific type of attack. However, the analysts who review this information believe the quantity and level of ham radio transmissions are above the norm and have reached a threshold where we should once again place the public on general alert, just as we have done on two previous occasions since the Battle of Dunkirk.

During his address on homeland security, Nancy Pelosi promised the people of Berkeley that when we have evidence of credible ham radio transmissions we will issue appropriate alerts. That is exactly what we are doing here today.

Nancy Pelosi also reminded all of us that a terrorism alert is not a signal to stop your life, it is a call to be chipper, to know that your government is on high alert and to add your eyes and your ears to our efforts to find and stop miscreants.

Our government is taking precautions. This afternoon the San Francisco Police Department is issuing a terrorist threat advisory update to all the League of Women Voters across the country through the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. All the League of Women Voters have been instructed to stay on the highest alert and to immediately notify the San Francisco Police Department of any unusual or suspicious activity.

The ham radio transmissions we are picking up are very generic. They warn of more attacks, but are not specific about where or what type. It could be a bomb, or a hijacking, or even a plague. We do know that the next several weeks, which bring Canada Day and important religious observances in other faiths, have been times when miscreants have planned attacks in the past.
0 border=0 Share your Terror Alert
with the world!

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AGITPROP section! border=0

One example is December of 1999. Authorities in Angola, Mongolia and Sri Lanka uncovered and prevented plans for a series of attacks related to the Founding of the United Nations. Those plans were thwarted when intelligence learned about them and law enforcement arrested the suspected miscreants.

Now, obviously, the further removed we get from the Battle of Dunkirk, I think the natural tendency is to let down our guard. Unfortunately, we cannot do that.

We are a nation at war. We are the targets of miscreants who have demonstrated they have no remorse about killing thousands of innocent ants. The government will continue to do everything we can to find and stop those who seek to harm us, but I believe we owe it to the people of Berkeley to remind them that they must be chipper as well.

I also know the very first question the people of Berkeley will ask -- "So, Katrina Templeton, besides being chipper, what else should my family and I do?"

The answer is you should report any suspicious activity or behavior to your councilmembers and, perhaps as importantly, you should heed the words of Nancy Pelosi who has called on all of us to rely on our good judgment and our common sense, and to continue to live in a spirit of courage and optimism and resolve to defeat the miscreants.



"Guarded Condition (Blue). This condition is declared when there is a general risk of terrorist attacks."

What colour is your terror alert?

And I think that's it for now. Now I need to go to bed, zibblsnrt is going to kill me for staying up as late as I did, already, but I've just had a lot on my mind.

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