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[21:11] <Nicole> "Anyway, the short of it is that I'm going to that party. I have to."
[21:11] <Fearless> "Fair enough. Don't push. I'll be out this weekend, anyway. There's a store in Allentown whose selection I want to check out. Calls itself 'The New Age Shop'. Want anything from it?"
[21:11] <WillGM> <Rath> *to Nicole* "You should be accompanied. It may not be safe there."
[21:12] <Fearless> <ooc> That shop actually exists... or it did 2 years ago.
[21:12] * Nicole looks at Rath. "I don't know. I think I need to do this on my own."
[21:12] * Ellis frowns at Nicole. "Nicole..."
[21:13] <BA> *to Nicole* "At least let me get you a wire so we know you're safe."
[21:13] <WillGM> <Rath> "There is strength in numbers. What would you gain by facing this alone, where there are those ready to support you?"
[21:14] * BA ponders ways of outfitting Nicoles wheelchair into a larger Speedbump
[21:14] <Nicole> "I can't explain it in any way that would make sense. But it's always been, since the accident, 'You can't do this and this and this' and I'm going to do this by myself to prove there *are* things I can do."
[21:15] <Fearless> "Nicole, that made perfect sense."
[21:15] <Nicole> "If you insist I need one of BA's wires, then I'll take one. But I'm doing this on my own."
[21:15] <BA> "She's got us there."
[21:15] * Ellis nods and backs down.
[21:15] <WillGM> <Rath> "Very well then. Seek strength."

I just liked this exchange from our game tonight. If it doesn't make any sense, Nicole is my character. She's a parapelegic from an accident just after graduation, in which the car in which she and her boyfriend were riding in was hit by a drunk driver who misread a light. Nicole's boyfriend died en route to the hospital, and Nicole herself lost the use of her legs.

Anyway, there's a halloween party in which a ritual is going to be done, and Rath is among one of the local groups of Angels. (If you're familiar with In Nomine, he's a Cherub of Stone.) Nicole, my character is insisting she has to go at it alone. And at that moment, trying to think of some plausible reason why she *had* to do this on her own, the character suddenly came out and asserted herself, and it was great.

I like roleplaying.


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