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softball and homework.

Played softball again tonight. My team lost again, but it was fun. I was able to (sorta) play second and hit (the rules of the league allow for a pinch runner in my condition).

Beth made comment to Patrick G. about hoping somebody continued on the softball tradition. I put in, in my most snotty voice, "Make a first year do it!" She looked back at me and said, "Watch it, Kat, or we'll make you do it." (I am a first year, which is prolly why I find the whole thing so amusing.)

Now working on my project. doing the first assignment here:

If anybody can explain to me the difference between an organization's mission, its goals, and its objective, I'd appreciate it. From here, they look like three different words for the same thing.

Bed, and up in the morning to finish this.

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