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slow night...

I didn't do much tonight. I got hit with boredom and decided to check out the shiny new blockbuster in my small town. The one nice thing about blockbuster over the mom and pop video store in this town is that blockbuster is open after ten at night. So I ended up renting two DVDs (Pi and Clerks) and one video game (Paper Mario). My dad swiped the computer out from under me, and when I was waiting for him to get done, I got engrossed in the video game.

So that's what I've been doing all night.

What a bore, huh?

Mom gets to go back in the hospital for her third round of chemo on Monday the 6th of August, and she'll be in for a week. The doc is really impressed at her progress. This is good news.

I think I'll go sleep now.
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