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anybody get the number of the truck that hit me?


Listening to NPR. They were talking about small religious groups (ie, monestaries and convents) and selling their wares on the Internet. And they had somebody at the University of Washington who studies that sort of thing, and god dammit, I wish I'd caught a name, because that's the sort of thing that I'm interested in. The sociological and cultural effect of the Internet, that's the kinda thing I'm interested in.

(*giggles* as they mention Berkeley's class on Tupac if it's a serious educational class. Well, it is, but it's also a DeCal class, which means it's student run and student directed. DeCal stands for Democratic Education at Cal, and although it's probably a unique thing that you can get course credit for student taught classes, it's not quite the same as a serious class taught by university professors. Although, university professors have to grant their okay to a student for a DeCal class to go. But seriously, this report is about rap and how it's helping urban high school students understand classic poetry. It's pretty neat.)

Anyway, off to study for my test this morning and see if I can sorta get myself to wake up. I feel like crap.

*yawn* again and toddles off...

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