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o/~ there is no future/ there is no past/ thank god this moment's not the last o/~

It was probably a good thing LJ was down last night.

I say this because I know what state I went to bed last night in, and it wasn't the state for leaving pleasant live journals. I loathed myself last night. A friend was in pain, and I never noticed. Never once. And this made me angry at myself. No matter what my other friends had said, that there was no way of knowing, no way of telling, it caught them by just as much surprise as it had caught everybody else, I felt tremendously guilty. If I'd just paid more attention, if I just asked, if I'd just bothered to put somebody else ahead of me...

And then I slept on it. I felt better in the morning. Enough to realize that blaming myself didn't help the situation.

Today's been relatively quiet. I've been playing a lot of Paper Mario, and may have the game beat when I'm supposed to return it to the video rental place. And we played in the gurps system tonight, and that was fun.

Anyway, I don't really know what mood I'm in, just that it's infinitely better than last night.

Now, back to saving the Princess!

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