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Carillon music.

Last fall, a lot of you saw this image:

It came from Stanfurd...
(click on the pic to get a bigger version)

The tower in the picture is the Campanille, and the music I am about to share with you came from the carillion in this tower. It was recorded by the Berkeley Historical Society in 2001-2002.

The music:

  • They're Hanging Danny Deever in the Morning. Traditionally, the last song played on the Campanille before they shut it down for finals.
  • In Memoriam: September 11th, 2001. Great music can come from great tragedy, as this haunting melody suggests. One of my favourites on the CD.
  • America the Beautiful. Put here mainly so that there's a song you all know the tune to, so you can see how they translate.
  • Fight for California. Cal's fight song. o/~ our sturdy golden bear/ is watching from the sky... o/~ (or as my Stanford friends might sing it: "our dirty golden bear...")
  • Hour Strike. I've mentioned the bells striking the hours, and you can hear them quite clearly in South Hall, which is in center campus and a two minute walk from the Campanille. Hopefully the other examples give you some idea of why we don't hold classes between noon and twelve thirty (noon is traditionally one of the three times our carillonist plays, the others are 7:50 AM (just before classes start) and 6 PM (just after most classes have ended.)

I can hear them from my room on College and Durant. So yeah, I like this CD. Enjoy. :)

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