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I'm stuck for interesting blog topics.

#1: Cal lost to USC tonight. Still, it was a decent season for my Boys in Blue, and we've got the NCAAs ahead. While it would have been nice to win the Pac-10 tourney, it's not the end of the world.

#2: It's raining and windy in Berkeley tonight. I like rain and wind. And I got to be out in it for a bit while I was waiting for my bus. So no urge to go out and play in it when I should be sleeping.

#3: Lies on Applications prompt Haas to reject 5 percent of applicants. Haas, for those of you who aren't in the know, is the UC Berkeley business school. They ran a background check on all their applications and found that five percent of them had lied on applications and/or resumes. They're doing this in the wake of last year's corporate scandals. Another thing they're planning to do is talk about ethics in all their classes. I applaud the business school for doing both of these.

#4: Speaking of b-school, I continue to maintain that I really don't like this "SIMS is a professional school" mindset, and if I'd known about it beforehand, I might have looked for something else. But I'm here for the duration, so I might as well make the best of it. I'm going to try to do fun and interesting things in the next year, and maybe try to take the courses Buckland would suggest to get him to write a letter than my degree is "functionally equivalent" to an MLIS. I think I'd prefer being a librarian more than a glorified b-school grad.

#5: I should really try to get life@SIMS running this weekend. And do homework.

#6: There were other things I meant to talk about, namely the resolution (for the most part) of my housing situation, but the short of it is that Luns didn't say what I thought he said. And because of this piece of news, it means I can tolerate Jamila a whole hell of a lot more.

#7: 206 midterm Tuesday. Whee. On the other hand, I talked with Prof. Chuang right after class, and he said that a 12 and a 13 on my quizzes was 'quite good.' I remain dubious, but he's the the midterm covers networking, which is right up my alley. In fact, here's a midterm question from last year.

"NASA is planning to build a colony on the red planet, Mars. They want to build a communications network for the colony, and link it to the Internet on Earth. In addition to the two terrestrial networks (one on each planet) there will be one set of satellites in Mars' orbit and one set of satellites in Earth's orbit. The two sets of satellites will act as routers for all network traffic between Earth and Mars. The satellites are positioned such that, at any given time, exactly one Mars-orbiting satellite will be able to communicate with exactly one Earth-orbiting satellite.

"As a summer intern at NASA, you have been asked to evaluate the applicability of the TCP/IP protocol suite for this network.

"(a) Discuss the addressing function of the Internet Protocol (IP) in the interplanetary context. Are the IPv4 or IPv6 addressing schemes adequate for this purpose? If not, what changes would you recommend for version 7 of IP to handle interplanetary networking?

"(b) Discuss the packet switching functions of IP in the interplanetary context. In what ways might the satellite routers differ from the traditional terrestrial routers in their implementation of packet switching?

"(c) What are some potential problems of data transfer using TCP, given the fact that a data packet takes 3 minutes to travel from Earth to Mars (moving at the speed of light)?

"(d) How would you overcome these problems, with or without making modifications to TCP? "

Have I mentioned that question completely and utterly kicks ass?

#8: A possible reason girls don't go into technology? It seems to ring sorta true for me, except for the fact that I *hate* collaborating, and would much rather do other things with my time. But interesting thoughts nonetheless. Link yoinked from Doc Searls' blog, which, btw, is worth the general read. You can find his LJ rss feed at docsearls, btw.

#9: I need to get better about going to bed closer to my weekday bedtime on weekend nights. That said, g'night!

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