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katster gets a midterm back, and geeks about networking.

Yeah, two in one blow.

I did acceptable on the midterm. Blew one question, but I don't think they really talked about that, so it's okay.

36/50. that's a 72, so it's respectable. And I was hoping for somewhere in between 35 and 40.

I think I may have lost a couple points because I mixed up OSI and TCP/IP models. Here's the problem.

OSI layer #OSI layer nameTCP/IP layer name
2Data LinkNetwork

The question asked "What is the consequence of having multiple protocols at the network layer?" Since the question prior referred to the TCP/IP model, I assumed that's what they meant. But if you'll look at the chart above, you'll see that there are two different network layers, and they don't match up. And since later in the test, it asked about Layer 3 and Layer 4 differences, I though that's how he was referring to the OSI model.

But since the cryptic note on my test says "That's still the same. That's decided at a lower level.", I'm wondering if it's supposed to be the OSI model...I'll talk to him about it.

But I'm still pretty pleased with the results.


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