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Killer GMs and logistical notes...

Saddam calls Bush a 'killer GM'.

Anyway, for those of you looking for information where I'll be today, I'm going to show up later than I planned. I still have most of a room to clean up, and since the place is near Civic Center, and that's about where I'll be getting off the BART, and I'd really like to avoid the protest if at all possible, I'll be there between three and four. I'm easily recognizable. I'm tall, a bit on the round side, and I traditionally wear a Cal baseball cap with a yellow button that reads 'Smart Ass'. If I can find it, my t-shirt will be grey with a lighthouse down my left. I'll have jeans and navy blue birks. :)

If you're local and on my friends list, my cellphone number is in a locked local post following this one. If you're not, you can beep my phone via email, and that email address is either or (Those of you who are not local, please keep in mind I shoot people who beep the phone outside of the span between 12 PM and 10 PM Pacific time, unless there's a damned good reason for it.) :)

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