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i should sleep...

beat Civ for the first time tonight, took out the aztecs, convinced the iroquois to work with me...

had long chats with my mom and patrick tonight, and was hit hard because Patrick actually started crying in the middle of what I was saying. And I think I've come to this decision on whether to go net.dead or not. It's clear that I have to spend less time on the infernal box than I do, but on the other hand, isolating completely is not the solution to my depression problems.

and i find out I got dropped from one of the two people's friends list that I was whining about last night. Ah well, the proof of the pudding's in the cake. As for the other person, I think kuangning's 30 day cooling off period is prolly the smartest, and I'll very carefully try to keep myself away from other people's journals for at least until the end of April. (It may slip to the end of May, early May is finals time, but I'll note it on my calendar.)

There are parts of me that wish occassionally when it looks like I'm going through a hard time if more folks would poke me and point out that my head is lying to me again, but on the other hand, most of the people I'd really like to do that don't read LJ anyway.

and I'll get around to comment answering eventually.

anyway, if all goes well, maybe I'll actually write the state of the katster address sometime soon, but for now, this works.


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