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quote and an ironic chuckle...

"The network announcer went on to other news, and Randy's phone rang.

"He picked it up, irritated. It was Bill McGovern. 'Did you hear the news?' Bill asked

"'Yes, I'm trying to get more of it.'

"'What do you think?'

"'I don't think anything, yet. I want to hear our side of it.'

"'Sounds to me like we're starting a small, preventive war,' Bill said.

"'I don't believe that for an instant,' Randy said. 'You don't prevent a war by starting one.'"

(Pat Frank, Alas, Babylon.)

It gave me a bit of an ironic chuckle, seeing as that's how it seems to me what Bush is doing. I can only hope it comes out well. (Considering the book's about nuclear holocaust...)
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