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Trying to keep things together...

There are things I want to noodle about. But I have a progress report due in one of my classes and I haven't even started. So please yell at me to come back to this list and talk out things?

  • My rambles about Stitching a Revolution, by Cleve Jones. (It's about how the AIDS Memorial Quilt was concieved, and it's a great story. It makes me want to rewrite my undergrad thesis, because I think I can make it so much *better*.)
  • -- there's some things here that strike a chord, and I want to explore it.
  • Musing on the depression beast.
  • Why I think I made a mistake in coming to SIMS.
  • my fucking roommate. I don't like people who deliberately lie to me, and she does.
  • things that come to mind.

anyway, I have to write a paper, and I have to develop a 'professional and analytic writing style' and I fucking HATE 208, and 206, and oddly enough the class I can't focus in is the one I like the best. And you try explaining depression to profs.

*sigh* I feel dead inside, and I'm not sure why.

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