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todo list

Things that need to get done. I should put this somewhere where I might actually look at it. Please yell at me, or at least nag, if you see me ignoring it.

With no further ado:

  • Do XML Lab assignment #3 (late)
  • Do XML Lab assignment #4 (late)
  • See what my team members are doing on Lab Assignment #5 (due 4/18)
  • Look at/do XML Lecture Assigment #5 (due 4/28)/Lab Assignment #6 (due 5/2)
  • Register for classes.
  • Write something to explain my illness to my classmates and my instructors.
  • Get 208 stat assignment done. (late)
  • Get 208 financial analysis done. (due 4/21)
  • Get 208 process analysis done. (due 4/28)
  • Work on 206 project (must do on my own! :P ) (4/29)
  • Write resume
  • Hike up to Soda and bug the CS department about TAness.
  • Do the same in the history department.
  • Email Marc about next year's classes.
  • Go talk to Peter for the same
  • Email Sarah Dunham about a few questions.
  • Yell at Social Security, now that I'm living on my own.
  • 206 quiz (4/24)

And that's just what I need to get done in the month of April.

(And overwhelmed would be a good LJ default mood too, but of course they don't have it...)

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