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[name] Katrina A. "Kat" Templeton
[location] Berkeley, California, USA
[eye color] Blue-green
[height] Six foot even
[heritage] American mutt. Mostly Irish, but with Native American, Danish, English, Scottish, and French-German in me, depending on how you look.
[last cd i listened to]Ummm...the mp3cd on which I have five Great Big Sea albums: Play, Road Rage, Sea of No Cares (the goldfish album), Turn, and Up. The last CD of theirs I need, their first (self-titled) album is waiting for me in Redding. The last *music* I listened to is what's on my current mp3 playlist.
[artist i have the most albums of] Well, I have six GBS CDs. I'm not offhand sure how many Paul Simon albums I have (at least five, probably six), so I think it's a tie. :) (I AM the Paul Simon fangirl.
[last time i turned on the radio] When Bush declared war on Iraq.
[last place i drove to] Ummmm, it was over spring break, I think it was visiting my grandmothers and taking them their Easter gift (which was a professionally printed 5x7 of patster.jpg. Yes, if you weren't sure, zibblsnrt and I are serious about one another. :)
[last vacation i took] Not counting Spring Break (where I went back to Redding, whee), or trips made ostentaneously for school (the trip to see jrenken, it was my two trips last summer, one to see zibblsnrt and the Halifax crew, and then camping for the family reunion.
[most beautiful place i've ever been to] The mountains of California, all over, are very gorgeous. But I think I'm going to have to go with the view from the Campanille. And Halifax was gorgeous too.
[country i would never want to visit] Hmmm...with my current attitudes, Saudi Arabia's probably out. But I think I'd pick equitorial Africa at the moment.
[year of my life i would never live over] Well, it wouldn't be the *whole* year, but I'd like to slice the end off 2001.
[last movie i saw in the theatre] Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I think.
[worst roommate] Ummm....well...Christina, Chandon, Kai, and Jamila. Gah, I don't think I've had one good roommate. Let's hope Luns ends that streak.
[most paranoid about] my moods, and people who run over triggers.
[the person i tell the juicy stuff to first] zibblsnrt, jrenken, shadur, and recently, killjoy_. I wish tanesmuti was around more, because we used to share gossip all the time.
[number of jackets i own] Two flannel jackets, a green one I wear all the time, and a purple one I'm hoping to fit soon, and a dark blue sweatshirt, and a jean jacket that kept me warm. Need to buy a heavy winter coat before I wander up to Halifax in the winter.
[type of car i wish i had] Actually? A VW bug. Maybe a new one. It's funny, I'd prolly not fit, but...
[dream job] Professional writer. I need to get off my ass.
[fave lip gloss or chapstick] Don't wear it.
[last kiss] zibblsnrt, most likely. My family is not big kissers.
[fave pen] Ummm, a good Sharpie works for me. Or felt tips, or nice ballpoints. Right now I like my four way stylus pen.
[countries i have been to] the US and Canada.
[languages I speak] (This was added because it makes the next two make sense): Standard American English, though I'm starting to spell like a Canadian. And a smattering of high school Spanish. I plan to learn French next year.
[other languages i know phrases in] Other variants of English (in particular British and Aussie), French, German, Russian, Spanish, Latin, Japanese.
[other language i would love to learn] I've never given up the dream of learning Russian. I plan to learn French. It'd be nice to speak German too.

Thanks to loopychew.

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