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the day to day

Summing it all up...

Random Weekend
The thing I did most of note this weekend was read four novels in the Amber series. They're a quick read, but very good, and I should really get my hands on the Amber diceless roleplay book. Easter was spent quietly, and I just felt really good in general.

Busy Monday

Yesterday was a busy day. I made up a budget full of imaginary numbers, and handed it in. (I had to use imaginary numbers, because in the real world I have *maybe* a hundred bucks to spend on the project, so it had to be full of imaginary numbers. Most budgets are.) It sucked, but hey, it's over with, and the next assignment looks much easier.

I went to XML class, which is boring as hell now, and cellphones kept ringing, so Bob wondered if this is some form of cellphone SARS. (Which me and another guy in the back of the room actually made an acronym that fits -- Sudden Application Ringing Syndrome.) ;) Then I walked with Ran up to Haas, where she works, and then headed home.

I decided that a treat was in order, so I watched Death to Smoochy. It's hilarious. Now keep in mind, I'm part of a bunch of raging lunatics called the Jihad to Destroy Barney the Dinosaur, so I enjoy good spoofs on children's entertainment, and this one was great. Even with the title character resembling a purple dinosaur a bit. Anyway, Robin Williams shows up as the deposed children's host that got his spot taken by Smoochy the Rhino, Ed Norton plays the idealistic creator of Smoochy (and the guy in the suit), Danny DeVito continues a well played string of creepy characters by playing agent to Smoochy's creator (and he also directed), Jon Stewart has a part as the executive in charge of scheduling, and Catherine Keener plays Stewart's assistant VP who likes children's hosts the box cover said, an adult manner. :)

Great, great movie. A lot of violence, so be forwarned. Williams plays out of type here as a not so nice guy (he's sugary sweet on TV, and a real jerk offscreen. And he's not quite all the way together.) Now I just have to find "One Hour Photo", in which, I understand, Williams actually pulls off the villian. (Yeah, Williams usually plays happy go lucky guys, but he's a more diverse actor than that, and I'm glad people are casting him against type now, because he's really good at what he does. And DeVito...hee, I understand the guy is really nice and has a heart of gold in real life, but man does he pull off great characters with...well, less than average moral scruples. And crusty too. :)

Then I went up and played softball. Okay, I didn't get to play in the first couple games because it's playoff season now, but I did a lot of third base coaching, and I caught one game because the team didn't have enough players. We were stellar defensively, with the exception of one inning, and it was that inning that killed us. So the season is over for the team from SIMS. We're thinking of fielding a team in the fall, which should be fun. In the meanwhile, though, I really ought to go to the batting cages and hit a bit...and figure out some way to move slightly faster on the basepaths.

I did make one really stellar defensive play last night, that I will remember. The batter grounded the ball to Jane, our pitcher. She caught it, and flung it to me, and I guess she accidentally let go of it before the release point. Because it looked like the ball was going to go over my head. So I leaped into the air, somehow came up with the ball, and landed on first base. Out. :) (granted, it helps when your first baseman is six feet tall and can get another couple feet by sticking her hand in the air and jumping.) :)

Anyway, we went out for drinks afterwards. It was a fun time, and we discussed plans for a fall team. I might just be the captain. Gah! :)

Then I grabbed dinner with Luns (ugh, wasn't very good last night) and then played with my baseball bat on the street while I was waiting on the bus, and I got rained on a bit. I like the smell of rain.

Crazy Dreams

I don't remember all of them, but the big one I do remember is driving on a freeway with mactavish and deyo. I have no idea why my brain keeps picking random LJ people. Anyway, the driving on the freeway, and swerving around all the bricks in the road on a steep banked turn ended up turning into a roller coaster, in which I was jammed between the two aforementioned people, with no logical connection about how we got from one to the other, other than that weird steep banked turn.

And then later, I don't recall who all was there, but I was in the Undergrad Engineering Honours room (despite being neither an undergrad nor an engineering student) and one guy insisted a bag that looked familiar was not mine. Later, I looked at it and discovered that not only was it my bag (it had paint on it from a specific Big C painting trip, although said bag ony looks sorta like the one that actually did) and was busy trying to tell the guy who had told me otherwise that it was mine.

And then the alarm went off.

And that's the status of the katster at the moment

[Edit: forgot the dash in lj-cut. Sorry 'bout that.]
[More Edit: and I forgot text in the tag. I am an idiot. Should be fixed *now*]

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