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random musings from the night shift.

[00:40] <scr>
[00:41] <katster> that is incredibly amusing.

I'm afraid to search in it.


the writing project is still being worked on. It's slow going as I try to make sure everything gets said right and whatnot. As it is, it prolly won't be very effective, but there's always hope. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more to show on it. Or it at least 2/3rds of the way done or something. Goddamn, writing takes me forever.


School starts a week from today. Jill and I went in and bought textbooks today. I have a stack of them on my dresser, and three more coming from (where they were a) much cheaper and b) I get a 5% discount on webpurchases anyway.) My most expensive book is one of the three Microsoft ones I'm getting shipped to me, that rang in at a grand total of 73.50. But what's my second most expensive book?

Believe it or not, it's not any of my technical classes. It's the textbook for my psychology class, this brand new flimsy paperback crap that they had to wrap in plastic to keep the damn thing from getting ruined...that was sixty seven dollars.

Then it's down the line, one of the other two microsoft books, a used copy of my math book, the third microsoft book, my Excel class book, my other psych book, my used Powerpoint book, and last but not least, my assembler class book, which is nothing more than a sheaf of papers stapled together. That book is safely stashed in a binder, and I'll prolly remove the staple on the first day of school, once I'm sure I'm in that class and that I want to be there.

Everybody looks at my schedule and goes "gah". It's kinda funny. three major tech classes, totalling 11 of my units, one social science at 3, and two fun one unit classes. So I'm pretty much enrolled full time in technical classes. Ain't it wonderful? And then I really scare people by admitting that eight of the eleven units of techy classes (assember and third semester calculus) are purely for the fun of it.

Watch those heads spin.


Not sure what other randomness to put here at the moment, that's really all that's on my mind.

Except, of course, that happiness is warm slobbery puppydog kisses for no reason other than to kiss you. I love my dog.


o/~ if you remember, put some flowers on his grave... o/~


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