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It's been an amusing morning.

[09:03] <katster> The code for RSA and what I want to do might as well be on seperate planets though.
[09:03] <katster> I know key length is based on p and q (well, n, which is p*q), but I can't seem to figure out how to change the sizes of p and q in the code.
[09:04] <katster> RSA is really a case of minding your p's and q's. ;)
[09:04] <Chamelaeon> Quite. ^_^
[09:05] <katster> but they make p and q equal to 10^100, and then run it through a bunch of transforms, and figuring out bits and bytes and keylengths from that is ...well, starting to drive me nuts.
[09:08] <Chamelaeon> Sadly I only know the math side, and not the implementation yet.
[09:08] <katster> yeah.
[09:08] <katster> and I am *not* a java programmer.
[09:11] <katster> okay. if keylength is somehow equivalent to the number of digits in n...
[09:13] * Ardweden parsed that as jedi programmer. She must be tired.
[09:13] <katster> and he generates a keylength of 10^200 (or thereabouts), then is the key 200 bits.
[09:13] <katster> Ard: me too.
[09:13] <Atom> Jedi Programmer! Best concept ever.
[09:13] <Ardweden> Oh, so it's not just me.
[09:13] * katster got three hours of sleep last night. :) Should have only got two, but I managed to shut the alarm off in my sleep.
[09:14] <katster> I wish I was a jedi programmer. Then I could use the Force to do my homework.
[09:14] <Atom> Use the Force katster. Calculus IS your father.
[09:15] <katster>, that would involve lots of time traveling paradoxes, considering I'm six or seven years older than Cal. :)


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