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I'll tell you a story.

I originally posted this in rosefox's journal, in response to her 'tell me a story' meme. :) The date on it is Sunday 4/27, 1:13 AM.

Here we go:

Once upon a time, our heroine went to college. She left her quiet little rural town for the hustle and bustle of the big city -- very near her favourite big city on the entire planet. (Granted, our heroine hasn't done much traveling, she may someday find a city she likes better...) Anyway, one of the things that happened when our heroine went to college is that she discovered the pleasures of the 'Information Superhighway', especially a corner of it called Net News by some, and Usenet by others, but to which she referred to simply as Agate, the campus Usenet server. Watching a certain group devoted to the pleasures of destroying a certain children's television character, she discovered that a lot of the group hung out in a seedy corner of the net known as 'Chundernet'.

So, after posting a post on the behaviour of the group on Usenet, she signed into Chundernet and went to face these people. A certain fellow, who had agreed with the post in question, quickly engaged her in message, and before either of them knew it, they were fast friends. And this continued through the fall and the next spring, but things started to change. The fellow, who was sort of on the outside of the group, had some troubles with another member of the group pretending to befriend him for information, and was hurt. Our heroine, on the other hand, was having troubles with school and dealing with a newly diagnosed illness, and eventually the two of them had less and less time for each other, and the messages fell off until they no longer existed.

Our story flashes forward two and a half years or so, in which the fellow decides to message our heroine with an apology for his lack of friendship, to which our heroine simply replies "That's okay, I know you're one of my good friends." This struck the fellow especially hard, and he vowed that day to live up to those words. And our heroine started talking to him a lot more, and they once again became fast friends, and then best friends...

And then horrors happened. Our heroine and the fellow and other denziens of the place (which had moved to sandwich in the wake of Chundernet imploding) were put through the ringer by two very emotionally needy people, and a shyster who used the word love against our heroine like it was a public taunt. And the fellow and our heroine were put through the fire, and they emerged stronger, and connected in ways they had never expected.

And then disasters struck the world, and the fall that followed remained the oddest on record, most strongly because the fellow and our heroine were starting to realize there was more to their friendship than friendship. But our heroine had been taunted repeatedly with the word love in high school, and was hesitant to to think that this might be that feeling. The fellow was feeling much the same way, but didn't want to scare our heroine. So October became November, and November became December, and at the end of the worst year on record, our heroine admitted to the fellow that she loved him, and the fellow admitted that he loved her, and ... this tuesday, our heroine and the fellow celebrate sixteen months of being in the best relationship either of them has ever been in.

And that's the story of how I met and fell in love with zibblsnrt.

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