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o/~ and nobody knows me/ I can't fathom my staying o/~

My calendars are still on April. Fixing that.

I have two calendars, one with pictures of lighthouses, and one with pictures of black Labradors. (I *adore* lighthouses, I think it's something about the metaphor involved. And the calendar of Labs is simply because I miss Britney.)

I am sicker than a dog right now, but I've been awake most of the night since I slept most of yesterday away. I'm going to go put on day clothes and go down to Student Health, because I'm almost sure this is a sinus infection, and I need the good pills to kill it. Besides, being able to breathe would be a nice change. When it *hurts* to breathe through your nose, there's a problem.

It's now Wednesday. I have so much to do. At least my afternoon class is canceled. I should catch up with Glushko and see why he dislikes me. So much on my mind at the moment, that's all.

Okay. I think I'm together now.

Now to get jeans on, and change out of this shirt that has snot all over it. My nose leaks when I'm sleeping, I guess it's better than it all staying there, but it sucks.

I have so much more to say, but I think I'll go deal with this first.
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