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happy birthday to my mom.

I meant to write this yesterday. But today will have to do, seeing as how it's on the wide gap between my mom's birthday and Mother's day.

So. My mom turned 45 yesterday. She also turned two.

I really started updating my journal about this time two years ago and haven't let go since. It's funny, reading those first few posts how much the line 'same as it ever was' fits perfectly. Problems with other folks on the 'net and another sinus infection. At least the worst piece of news hasn't been repeated.

Because, it was two years ago that my mother was diagnosed with leukemia.

It was a scary month, not knowing if my mother was going to live or die. Even thinking back on it, I can feel the fear and the pain and the anger. And keeping in mind the fact my Uncle Doug died at the same time my mom was entering the hospital, after a similiar situation that had happened about six months prior. Only in Uncle Doug's case, they diagnosed brain cancer and gave him six months to a year.

My mom's still here two years later. We dodged one hell of a bullet, both in the kind of leukemia and the timing. Had this happened even two years earlier, it's pretty doubtful I'd have a mother. But they discovered that hitting the type of leukemia hard with near-toxic doses of Vitamin A and then following up with traditional chemotherapy gives an 80% success rate. And that's *without* the bone marrow transplant, which she didn't need.

I love my mom and I'm glad she's still here. Even if we don't get along at times. And while the leukemia was sucks, mom got a lesson in how much dad loves her. You see, my dad *hates* hospitals. He doesn't even like to visit. And he was at the hospital *every* day mom was there, from the time he got off work to two or three in the morning.

And they have 26 years of marraige under their belt as of the beginning of this last April. :)

So, to my mom and my family. :) *crash*

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