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I hate Microsoft word.

I was writing my final report in word. I was doing pretty good. Had fifteen pages, was cruising towards *done* and...well...I hate word. Here's what happened.

Since this is a final report, it's dependent on a lot of other things I was doing. They're all saved with the class number in front, so I can find them easily. Since I'm getting close to the end, I decide, well, I don't need a couple of the other documents open anymore. I went to close them.
I hit the wrong button [The big red X in word, not the little X to close the document.) I compounded my error when it asked 'Would you like to save 208 Final Report', I thought it was asking about a different document (I had just been tinkering and was attempting to close '208 Progress Report') and hit no before I realized which document it was asking me about.

So three or four hours of work gone because I was an idiot.

Did I mention it's due tomorrow?

Will somebody please shoot me now and put me out of my misery?
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