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Well...been a few days since I updated, I know. Been really busy. It started on Thursday when I got a talk session from Luns. He said, roughly, "I'm coming to Redding, can I borrow a couch?" And one thing led to another and he's coming tomorrow afternoon. This has, of course, thrown my mother into "a guest is coming" panic, and is trying to get the whole house cleaned up from top to bottom.

My personal take? Two days notice? I don't think Luns is gonna care too horribly much if the house is lived in. Besides, he and I are gonna be out of the house most of the time he's here anyway.

Lesse, gave up on the writing project I was working on and started on another. The first was way too ambitious, this one should get the point across, I hope, without me having to write down every single thing I can think of, which was starting to wear. Hopefully, this second version will work. Otherwise it's night night time.

The exile is...well, sorta going.

WARNING: The below is a religious rant. Take it with whatever grain of salt you're capable of taking such things with. This is *my* *opinion*. You have the right to a dissenting one. If you don't feel you can handle it, please go somewhere safe, like to You have been warned.

And I got reminded what exactly it is about fundamentalist Christianity that I hate so much. I can deal with dogma, I can deal with what people belive. But I'm not so sure that it should automatically be that if I don't believe what you don't believe, that I'm no good for what I think.

I've known non-fundamentalist Christians. Count a couple of them among my friends, even. If anything, they inspire me by the Christ-like life they lead. The key here is that they don't automatically think that what they believe I should believe. They've been more than open about the religion when I have questions about it and their faith is strong. I like that. By acting as a beacon, they inspire people to take up that religion.

On the other hand, it seems to me that fundamentalists don't have this tolerance for others beliefs. If you don't believe what they do, then you're a sinner and you've got a one way ticket to hell. As Serendipity said so wisely in the movie Dogma, "You don't celebrate your faith. You mourn it."

Take this exchange. One person is talking about a person of a non-mainstream faith that he met. And now, I don't know if the other guy did something that just rubbed the wrong way or what, but it basically came down to the person who was talking being all upset that he couldn't see that only through Jesus Christ could he be saved.

Second person inserts in about how all these faiths claim to be tolerant of all faiths, and yet they're not tolerant of Christians.

And third person, who is just sitting there trying desperately to hold his tounge, is thinking, well, yeah, no wonder, when you tell the person who's trying to be tolerant that if he doesn't believe like you, he's going directly to hellfire and brimstone without passing go or getting two hundred dollars.

Tolerance is a two way street. Okay, maybe I'm wrong, and I suffer hellfire and brimstone. But what if you're wrong? I know, inconcevable, but it could happen. Even the basics of Jesus' teaching is two things. Love God with all your heart and mind, and love your neighbor like yourself.

And of the two, I'm not sure fundamentalist Christians understand the latter.

Faith is faith. It's good to have faith, and wonder, and awe. But one should celebrate their faith every day, and not mourn it. Religion isn't a matter of going to church on sundays and calling it good. Religion is every day waking up and thanking whatever higher power there is for letting you have another day. It is your solace in pain, your attempts to understand the hard questions about life, the universe, and everything...and to mock faith is as bad as being utterly dogmatic and inflexible about it.

I'm proud to count among my friends Jews, Christians, Baha'ii, pagans, Wiccans, Unitarian Universalists, agnostics, atheists, Discordians, and everything else under the sun. For when it all comes together, we're all human. And that's the important thing, no?


So anyway, that's what I've been thinking about these past two days, and trying to ignore the fact that school starts monday, and I won't have as much time to be a part-time philosopher.

And this weekend, I rediscover boringtown. Oh gee, fun!

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