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the world is ending! the world is ending! the world is...whoops, not ending.

Oh yeah.

For anybody who was following the whole Pole Shift Prepare saga, I am happy to note that it is is morning on Friday May 16, 2003. The world's not stopped spinning, there is no red cloud like blood, and the poles didn't shift.


I'm disappointed. I want my money back.

[Edit: Ah ha, our fearless website owner writes, in case you were wondering why the world didn't end:

Today of course marks the arrival of the provisional date given for the pole shift a few years back. By provisional, I mean the date at which people should be at their safe locations in anticipation of the monumental event ahead. The pole shift was scheduled to occur shortly after today, and definitely within the month of May. Looking out of my window today, you would not guess that a potential worldwide calamity was imminent! Nevertheless, I still urge people to stay vigilant and watch for any possible signs of rapid rotation slowing, which is predicted to take place in 48 hours, anytime in the next week.

Weasling, this is. %) ]

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